This visit is integral to the operation.

If you have your own psychologist then I would need to have sight of his/her report.  The psychological assessment is a very important part of the evaluation and a theatre date will not be given until we have the "green light" from the psychologist. This is in line with the guidelines set for International Accreditation, which our team has, from the International Society of Obesity Surgery (ISOS).


The psychologists I use are:


Shannon Lang


Shannon is based in Hilton.


Her details:

Unit 1B, Mondi House, 380 Old Howick Road, Hilton, 3245
PO Box 1247, Hilotn, 3245
Tel: 033 343 4409
Fax: 086 505 2043



Krishnie Pillay


Telephone: 033-342 6070
Address: Midlands Medical Centre, Suite 103,
162 - 166 East Street

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