We recommend that you work in conjunction with a Dietician.

Mrs Sue Ogilvie, would gladly assist.

Her contact details are as follows:

Sue Ogilvie
16 Clarence Rd
Tel: +27 (033) 347 1685


Diet wise we recommend that your average meal size is that of a small purity bottle. For the first two weeks we recommend a fluid diet only, then a puree diet and then for the weeks 5 and 6 very small meals, of very soft food. This is to break the cycle of food dependency and retrain the mind to eat smaller portions.


Anlie Everets has written a very informative and practical newsletter which covers topic various topics such as: "How do I know whether my band is tight enough?" , "Heartburn Guidelines", "Notes from a Physio" and much more. You can view her newsletter here.



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