To date the medical aids have paid for only three out of the 228 operations I have done.

The cost for the LAGB is R120 000 and excludes extras detailed below.

The cost for the LSG is R120 000 and excludes extras detailed below.





As mentioned above, band adjustments are not included in the total cost of R120 000 (for the LAGB, there are no band adjustments for the LSG). The first band adjustment is an X-Ray at 6 weeks post-procedure. This involves a contrast swallow and then band tightening. It takes about 30-45 minutes and the cost is approximately R1 500.

Subsequent tightening is done at my rooms. The cost of each is R1 100. On average you will need 2 to 3 tightening sessions before your goal weight is reached.


Band adjustments are now being done in Johannesburg by Dr Spiro at Sunninghill Hospital for the Gauteng-based patients.


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