Will the Medical Aid Pay?
So far only three people have been paid for by the medical aid. Most patients apply, but are turned down. Discovery has now recognized this procedure and given us codes but we have not had them pay for a band yet.

Can the band come out after a few years?
No, if it is removed a person normally regains all the weight they have lost within 9 months.

What if I fall pregnant?
Not a problem, we just loosen the band so that you can get sufficient nutrition for the baby. Once the baby is born we can tighten the band again so that you lose weight gained during the pregnancy.

Can I still exercise?

What are the serious complications?
Erosion or Band popping due to over zealous food ingestion. There is a solution to Band Erosion, see the LSG Technique.

Can I have the band inflated other than in Pietermaritzburg?
Yes, currently with Dr Spiro at Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg.


Why is it necessary to see a Psychiatrist or Psychologist?
It is part of the Protocol for International Accreditation.

Why do Patients require Physiotherapy in Hospital?
Patients with high BMI's most common post-op morbidity is related to lung complications & D.V.T's  hence the Lung Physio is done pro-actively.


Can I drive myself home after the Operation?
Driving only 3 to 5 days post operation remains a sensible recommendation.

How long is the Patient in Hospital?
1 to 2 nights.


Can a patient fly after the Operation?
Only after 2 days post-op.

What is the cost of the operation?

This is covered in the Cost section of the website.


What does my BMI have to be before the operation can be performed?

The International criteria are:

BMI of 35 - 40 with co-morbid factors

BMI > 40: no co-morbid factors needed


What else do I need to do before the Operation is given the go-ahead?


How much weight can I expect to lose per week?

The weight loss range is between 0.5kg and 1.5kg per week, with an average of 1.2kg. This is obviously totally dependent on the amount of food and other calorie-laden liquids you consume.

What are Band Adjustments and how often do I need them done?

This is covered in the section Band Adjustments.

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